I'm surprised to say this but...

I am LOVING being pregnant!

I'll be honest - after the first 10 weeks where I had a stomach virus, on top of morning sickness on top of all the worrying about whether or not I'd miscarry, I was constantly second guessing our choice to have another child. I was lucky to avoid feeling that way when I was pregnant with Ethan and Aiden. Even so, I was never one to "love" being "with child". It was an ends to a mean and I was just ecstatic to be adding to our family.

At 22 weeks along I do have my fair share of pregnancy complaints but lately they've been less and less bothersome. Sure I'm emotional. And tired. And my growing belly is becoming increasingly uncomfortable. And a handful of other things that I will spare you from reading here. But every night I go to bed thinking just how amazing it is that I am growing a human being. Inside me!

Maybe it's knowing this is *probably* my last time being pregnant (I say that because I've been half-jokingly suggesting perhaps an eensy weensy part of me wants a 4th...). Or perhaps I'm simply basking in the 2nd trimester energy kick. Either way, I'll take it.

We have not yet started putting the nursery together. The reason for the procrastination isn't for lacking desire. It's actually kind of a funny story. Ever since we found out this baby is a boy, my mom has been convinced they are wrong. And while I have no doubt this is Hudson in my tummy, I have been hesitant to sell the baby girl bedding until I get one more confirmation. You know, to put my mom's mind at ease :)

We first got a peek at the baby's gender at my 12 week appointment with my high risk doctor. There was some disagreement between the ultrasound tech (who was quite sure it was a boy) and the doctor (who believed it still may be too early to tell). So we didn't make any announcements just yet.

At 16 weeks, we went back, eager to get another look. Baby was not very cooperative - the doctor spent 10 minutes trying to get *him* to stay still enough and in the right position. Once she did, she said it was difficult to tell because the cord was between the baby's legs. For a brief moment, she believes the cord moved and what we saw was boy parts. I felt confident in what I saw so we finally told our friends and family. We picked the name. And we began calling the baby by it's name.

At my 18 week appointment with my regular OB, I had an ultrasound just to check for baby's heartbeat and growth. Even though I am still very confident that this baby is a boy, my mom had gotten into my head (and then my sister also said she had a dream I had a girl), so I asked if we could take a quick look at "the goods" before I went painting the nursery.

Dr. B said "If Dr. S says it is a boy, I'm guessing she is right" as he swirled the wand on my tummy and searched the screen. He got a quick view between the legs and I must have looked shocked because from what I saw, it looked as if there was a certain something not there. At that moment, he turned the screen away from me and squinted for about 30 seconds before turning it back to me. "Look, the baby's legs are now crossed at the ankles. We won't be able to get a good look," he said.

I sensed he was a bit relieved - like he didn't want to have to speculate on whether what we already had been told was in fact true or not. So, naturally, now I'm beginning to wonder a little too. I know, silly right?

My next appointment is this coming Wednesday, but it's with another doctor at my OB office (not Dr. B) so I'm not sure yet if I will be getting another ultrasound. If I do, I hope to put this all to rest. If not, I'll have to wait until the end of the month when, ironically, my mom will be in town and coming to my high risk appointment with me.

Last night I had a dream about that very appointment. We walked in, had the ultrasound screen in front of us and to my surprise found out Hudson was not going to be a boy, but indeed a girl. Then on Facebook today, an acquaintance from high school shared this very news - pregnant with what she thought was a boy, the doctors in fact determined it was not a boy, but a girl.

So - wow! - it does happen. I guess we shall wait and see!!!

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