Lip Service

Just a quick post to give some love to my sponsor, Kate Ross with Perfectly Posh.

I swear the products really are swoon-worthy, especially for the pregnant mama! One of the biggest differences about pregnancy for me is the fact that I have to sleep with a huge jug of water next to my bed and slather on lip-balm before I hit the sack. Not sure why, but my mouth gets dry and I, or perhaps rather baby, gets thirsty.

The LipShot Balm in Raspberry Bang-Bang has become my go-to choice for keeping my lips soft and smooth all night long (and to avoid waking with them cracked and dry).

And if I didn't have a tendency to lose chap-sticks every other day (and then find them in various car door compartments, pants pockets, or the dryer...) I would probably stick it in my purse to make sure I had it with me at all times. Instead it stays in my bedside drawer so I know it is there each and every night. Guess my next option is to purchase extras in every flavor!

But don't take my word for it - see for yourself! Visit Kate's personalized webpage to order your very own LipShot Balm today! And while you're there, check out all of the awesome products from Perfectly Posh!

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