My surgery went well

After two babies, I ended up with an umbilical hernia. Fun. So my doctors thought it would be wise for me to have it repaired pretty quickly to prevent some of my internal organs (ie. intestines) from coming through. Gross, I know.

Ricky took off work and a good friend of mine, Kristin, came up to watch the boys for the day. It was outpatient surgery, but I was being put under so I had to have someone drive me there and back. It was all very quick and pretty painless. We arrived at the Surgery Center at 11:30 for registration, surgery was scheduled for 1:30. I was out of surgery somewhere around 2:30, spent about an hour in recovery and that was it! We stopped by the pharmacy to fill my Rx and headed home.

I think the hardest part of it all was the anticipation of it. I had myself all in a tizzy thinking about the possibility of not waking up from the anesthesia. I have had surgery once before, but that was before marriage and before kids. I had so much more on the line this time - and the mere thought of not waking up and seeing my family made me very nervous. Thankfully, I woke up. In fact, the nurses all said I was quite alert and talkative pretty quickly.

I'm still in a little pain - the second day is usually harder just because the really good stuff they give you in the hospital has worn off. But Ricky is doing great with the kids and is not letting me do too much at all. They told me I am not to lift anything more than 20 pounds for atleast 5 weeks. That means no holding Ethan. :( When Ricky goes back to work on Monday, I'm not quite sure how I'm going to get him in and out of his highchair or his crib. I'll figure something out I'm sure.

Anwyay - just wanted to let you all know that it went well.

Here's looking at you kid!

We took Aiden to his follow-up appointment with the opthamologist on Tuesday. Another round of good news!
Dr. Fishman said that his eyes do not appear to protrude as much as some kids with Aperts - and said his orbits may not be as shallow. This should help to keep them looking more normal as he gets older (they tend to stick out more if the orbits are more shallow).
She checked his central vision and optic nerve - both good. This is a relief as it can indicate if there is any pressure building in his head as his brain grows. He is a little farsighted - as most infants are - and it doesn't cause any problems.
He has slight astigmatism (thanks to me and my mom!) His eyes stay together really well as he looks around, so no problems with strabismus and no need for surgery to fix it. She said she doesn't anticipate that Aiden will need glasses.
I'm still trying to figure out where he got his sweet baby blues as mommy has greenish hazel and daddy has brownish hazel eyes!

Happy Father's Day 2008

I've been with my husband for 5 years now, and nothing has been more fulfilling during our relationship than watching him as a father. Our boys are the light of his life - and I'm content being second fiddle. I put together this video for Ricky, from the boys, to let him know how much they love their daddy! (Just in case you can't tell which baby he's holding, the first 10 photos alternate between Ethan and Aiden - then the last ones are of Ethan over the past year)

I don't care what that panda says...I've still got it!

So I had a little break today. I took the kids to my inlaws around noon because I had a doctors appointment at 12:30. I was then going to Louisville to get a massage (my mother's day gift) and to make a trip to my favorite place...TJ Maxx. I've been rollerblading again so I'm beginning to see a glimpse of my "old" body - one that includes a waist and okay looking legs. Feeling confident, I put on a cute little denim skirt (pre-Aiden-pregnancy attire mind you!) and a simple black shirt and cute turquoise necklace. I had my hair pulled back because I showered last night - as is the case most of the time - after the kids went to bed. But I actually did my makeup (the kids slept long enough to let me do it for once) and I have to admit, I felt...dare I say

After dropping the kids off, and going to my appointment, I was sitting at a light when I noticed an open-topped jeep wrangler loaded with a bunch of young guys. I was instantly reminded of the times when I would drive around without a care in the world, hoping to catch the eyes of guys just like these. As I turned left at the light and the jeep passed, I heard a "Woo-hoo". Wait a second...were they hollaring at me? I looked in my rear-view mirror to see if they were turning around or anything. They weren't, but I know I heard it. My confidence soared.

I spent the next few minutes pulling the rearview down to check myself out. 'This mascara does really bring out my eyes' I thought.

As I accelerated over a small bump, my ego was crushed in an instant.

I heard the faintest "Woo-hoo" once again, and realized it was my son's toy Kung-Fu Panda from the happy meal daddy bought him. It was laying on the floor behind my seat. I was quickly reminded that I am not the spring chicken I once was. I am a wife and a mommy - and I wouldn't change it for anything. And besides, according to my husband I am the hottest mommy in the world.


Because the boys are so close in age, we enjoy it when we get shots of Aiden that remind us of Ethan as a baby. Check out these photos that will make you do a doubletake!

If this doesn't put a smile on your face...