Here's looking at you kid!

We took Aiden to his follow-up appointment with the opthamologist on Tuesday. Another round of good news!
Dr. Fishman said that his eyes do not appear to protrude as much as some kids with Aperts - and said his orbits may not be as shallow. This should help to keep them looking more normal as he gets older (they tend to stick out more if the orbits are more shallow).
She checked his central vision and optic nerve - both good. This is a relief as it can indicate if there is any pressure building in his head as his brain grows. He is a little farsighted - as most infants are - and it doesn't cause any problems.
He has slight astigmatism (thanks to me and my mom!) His eyes stay together really well as he looks around, so no problems with strabismus and no need for surgery to fix it. She said she doesn't anticipate that Aiden will need glasses.
I'm still trying to figure out where he got his sweet baby blues as mommy has greenish hazel and daddy has brownish hazel eyes!

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