Shopping and lunch...the perfect "me time"

I've signed up for several deal sites over the past few years: Groupon, Juice in the City, etc. and while I've "unsubscribed" from a few because I just have not seen any offers that appeal to me, I have purchased quite a few deals as well. Including the below!

Considering how much I shop at Target (I swear that place sucks you in...go in for toothpaste, come out with a cart-full of stuff I never knew I needed!), this deal from Saveology was a total no-brainer. I mean $25 for a $25 gift card to Target AND $50 to Sign me up!

Click here to take advantage of this deal - you're going to spend $25 at Target in the next few weeks anyway, so why not get a nice lunch or dinner for free? Or, you could get $75 worth of Christmas gifts for just $25 (it's okay, I won't tell!)
  • you must sign up for a Saveology account if you do not already have one (it's free and you can cancel it at any time)
  • this deal must be purchased by December 3rd, but the gift cards do not expire
Disclosure - this deal is available to More Skees Please through an affiliate. While I will receive a percentage of each product purchased using the above link, I was not compensated for sharing the deal through the above blog post and all opinions are my own. To see my full disclosure, click here.

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