Home for the Holidays

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This year, we have decided to make the long trek back "home" for the Thanksgiving holiday. When I say long, I mean 16-hours-in-a-car-with-a-3-and-4-year-old-long. With the outrageous cost of flying we are forgoing the airports and hitting the road (however we did save enough to fly back in December...just couldn't do it twice...the drive or the flight).

I'm bound and determined to make this an enjoyable trip. Organized even. So I've been carefully planning kid-friendly (and car-friendly) activities, snacks, meals, etc. I ordered a crash-test rated travel tray that will provide a great drawing surface and hopefully keep crumbs from making their way to the floor. We're strategically mapping out our route and making note of all the travel apps on our iPhone that will assist in some way (places for cheapest gas/cleanest bathrooms/kids-eat-free meals).

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Growing up, I enjoyed long car trips. We used to load into the station wagon and drive up to Michigan for the summer. It was only a 6-7 hour ride, but I liked carving out my own space in the back seat and packing my best boredom busters neatly in my backpack. It's very likely those trips are where I developed my love of reading and writing. I loved that we got to eat at restaurants along the way. And run in for a snack (or two) when we'd stop for gas.

I know that 16 hours in a car with two kids (and a husband) doesn't seem like something to be excited about, but I actually kinda am. Call me crazy, I know. It may end up being chaotic and stress-inducing and annoying. Or it could actually be adventurous and enjoyable. Either way, I hope my kids will always remember this family trip. Whether it is for good or bad reasons is yet to be determined :)

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