Aiden is in surgery

Despite having to be on oxygen all night long, Aiden slept really well. We moved to the surgery holding area bright and early in the morning and awaited evaluation from the anesthesiologist, Dr. Blakely. She listened to his chest, watched his oxygen levels and determined that although conditions were not optimal for surgery, based on those factors, she felt that moving forward was alright. More importantly she said that having 4 children herself, if she were in our shoes, she would go ahead with it.

After lots of praying, hugs, kisses, tears and holding on to him tight, we let our baby go. I know he is in good hands - and that God will bless the hands of the doctors that are caring for him. I know life is never black and white. I know that no matter what the situation was with Aiden's health, sick or well, there are always risks involved with any surgery. I know all that. But hearing the words "possible lung failure" and "severe respiratory distress" due to complications from his bronchitis during surgery didn't make it a very easy pill to swallow. And it definitely didn't make letting go of his soft sweet skin any more bearable.

It is now 8:35 in Dallas (central time) and Dr. Trone (ENT) just came out and said that his portion went smoothly - Aiden had tubes placed in his ears first and then they will begin the cranial vault. He told us that he went under fine and without complication. No wheezing. Breathing fine. Good news.

Ricky and I are going to grab breakfast and then set up shop back up here in the waiting area for the remainder of the surgery. We have been told the surgery should last about 4 hours, give or take. I'll update later.

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