Surgery update

Things are moving right along with Aiden's surgery. They started the operation around 9am and we have been calling the OR frequently for updates.

I know I've mentioned it in older posts from previous visits to Dallas, but the waiting room here at Medical City is equipped with a pretty cool patient update system that lets you track surgery progress on a large flat screen television. It lists each of the patients names (using only certain initials for privacy), and indicates what portion of the surgery/recovery they are in and at what time it began. Once it shows that they are in the OR, a scalpel appears when the first incision has been made. That changes to a stitch pattern and finally a bandaid just before they are moved to recovery.

All of Dr. Fearon's patients are also given a direct number to call the OR at any time throughout the procedure and as many times as we want . One of his nurse's answers the calls and gives us real-time updates.

So far so good - Aiden is doing just wonderfully and the surgery is going well. Should be another 2 hours before it is complete.

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