More swelling

If that is even possible. How much more can his tiny face take? It is hard to see my baby boy like this, but he has been very peaceful and content. How I'm not sure - can you imaging going through this yourself??? I know I would be ANGRY!

April came to visit Aiden today and brought him a balloon (and a little Cookie Monster for Ethan). It was nice to have a friendly face here - especially one that has been through this exact same surgery about a year ago. She kept telling me how good Aiden looks. I had to laugh and just say that I'd take her word for it since she has seen her own son in this same situation. Because looking at him, I'd never imagine to say/think he looks good!

Ricky is back at the hotel resting right now. It seems he's picked up a bit of a bug as well. I'm hoping I can stay well for our trip home.

I posted some more pics - but beware - what you see does not even look like Aiden as you know him. As difficult as it might be to see him this way, please know that it is all very normal post-op swelling. It will peak tonight and then start to decrease as the days go on. However it could be several weeks until all of the swelling and retained fluid is completely gone.

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  1. Poor Aiden! It must be so hard to see him looking so rough! I'm glad to hear it is normal, though. I hope everything continues to go well, and I look forward to more updates. :)