Before and After

Dr. Fearon sent us the pictures he took of Aiden's new hands and feet in the operating room while in Dallas. We got to see them shortly after they were taken, but only for a few seconds, so we of course were anxious to receive them so we could take a longer, closer look.

I have posted pictures of this amazing before and after transformation in the photo gallery. I decided against putting the photos right in the post because some may prefer not to see them. Remember, these were taken minutes after the surgery was complete, while Aiden was still in the operating room and before the casts were applied. The wounds, although stitched, are very fresh and his fingers are pretty swollen.

With that said, we are still thrilled with how they turned out! Just looking at the before pictures, then the after ones and seeing each and every digit, it still blows my mind. And although the reality is that his little hands will never look "normal", I have no doubt that Aiden will overcome any obstacle put in his way. He is a determined little guy and I know he will accomplish so much with the hands and feet he has been given.

If you have any specific questions about the surgery or his new hands/feet, please feel free to email me or give me a call. We would be happy to talk about it! We certainly had many questions for the doctor so I know others must have them too!


  1. They look AMAZING! Congratulations!

  2. WOW! I can't even begin to imagine how beautiful those precious little hands are to you guys. They look incredible to me!! Aiden is an amazing little boy and he is so blessed to have such wonderful parents. John is looking forward to playing football with Ethan and Aiden in the very near future!

  3. I have witnessed the spirit of Aiden (most of which is instilled by his parents). He will accomplish much and teach us all many lessons. I look forward that.

  4. Wow, they look amazing. Our Olivia has Pfeiffer, so we haven't had any hand or foot surgeries, but I'm so impressed at the work that our beloved Dr. Fearon does. It's just amazing to look at the before and after pictures. Aiden is adorable by the way!