Aiden's "McDonald" birthday party

Aiden will be the big 01 on Wednesday and this past Saturday we had our nearest and dearest over to our house for a Ronald McDonald-themed party. It was so wonderful to have our family and friends here to not only celebrate with us, but to also help us give back to an organization that is near to our hearts.
Each guest was given a copy of the "wish-list" from the Ronald McDonald House here in Louisville and were asked to bring an item (or items) off of the list to the party. All of the items collected will then be delivered to the Ronald McDonald House in Aiden's name. Just look at all of the stuff we received!!! It was MUCH more than we were expecting and we are very excited to drop it all off as a family this week.
For those of you who may not know, the Ronald McDonald House Charities provide a "home away from home" for families with children being treated in hospitals around the United States. Most houses are equipped with fully stocked kitchens (food, snacks, juices, milk, etc.), television rooms, reading rooms, indoor and/or outdoor play areas, private bedrooms/bathrooms, laundry facilities, and much much more. All of which are provided to these families at a very low nightly fee (usually around $10) for as long as they need to stay nearby a hospital that their child may be receiving inpatient or outpatient care.
Our family has utilized this resource on several occasions both locally (after Aiden's birth, during his 2 week stay in the NICU) and in Dallas where he receives treatment from the reknown team at The Craniofacial Center and Medical City Dallas Children's Hospital. We were so impressed with all that the Ronald McDonald Houses had to offer that we wanted to do something in Aiden's honor to give back to them. We hope that we can continue to raise money, collect donations, and save pop-tabs to benefit this wonderful resource!
As for the party itself, it too was quite a success. Aiden's cake (and cupcake) turned out absolutely perfect - thanks to Adrienne's Bakery and Cafe in Jeffersonville, IN - LOVE LOVE LOVE that place! Our local McDonald's was gracious enough to provide all of the kiddos with Happy Meals when they heard more about what we were doing. And Aiden seemed to enjoy the full house and all the attention. Although his best moment was his first taste of his sugary sweet cupcake, which apparently didn't agree with his tummy - the evidence of which will forever be saved on video (much to his dismay...I'm sure) :)
 A million thank-yous to all who helped make this a special day for our family and to all who have made this last year a happy one! For all the pictures from the party, click here.

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