Sweet pun'kins

So you know those super annoying requests that fill up your Facebook feed or your inbox from friends and family asking you to "vote for my super cute kid/cat/puppy" in this super annoying contest thingy? Yep, that's where this is headed.

I'll make this short and sweet: I'd love for y'all to do me a HUGE favor and vote for my boys' picture in a local Pumpkin Patch Photo Contest. 

I mean, really, how could you NOT?

So please, just follow THIS LINK, then click the "VOTE" button (NOT the Facebook "like" button) to make sure your vote is counted. It will only take 2 minutes of your time, I promise. The contest ends on Friday, Nov 2nd at midnight so I won't be bugging you about this for long. And as of today we are behind by 10 votes!!!!

What's in it for me? 
I could win some brand new baby gear like a jogging stroller or a Britax car seat.

But more importantly, what's in it for you? 
A very sincere "thank you" from the one and only More Skees Please :) Oh, and a promise to return the favor for all your kids/cats/puppies needing a vote too!

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