Three Months

Who knew 3 months could fly by so quickly? If I didn't have a calendar telling me it was already the end of October, I simply wouldn't believe it.

The tiny little pieces of clothing that I carefully washed with Dreft and tucked neatly into Hudson's nursery drawer are beginning to pile up in a bin marked "Newborn/0-3 Months" as he outgrows something else everyday.

He is smiling more and more. When I peek over him as he wakes in the morning. When I tickle all the best spots (under his neck seems to be his weakness). When I play patty cake and sing silly songs. I would imagine I am not the only parent who feels this way - but when my babies smile, it seems as if my heart could actually explode out of my chest. There is nothing better in the world.

This little baby is the epitome of sweetness. He has such a go-with-the-flow disposition which is perfect because we are definitely on the go more and more these days. He loves his brothers and watches every move they make. I won't be at all surprised if his first words are "Ethan" and "Aiden", not "mommy" or "daddy".

And do those boys love their baby brother just the same. They have taken all of the changes in stride - helping fetch burp cloths, pacis and blankies at any given moment. They want to hold him all the time. If they aren't holding him they want to talk to him, kiss him and try to make him smile.

We are finally getting a bit of a routine down as far as bedtime goes. He usually eats around 7pm, sleeps for a few hours, then eats again around 9:30-10. We've transitioned him from a bassinet in our room to sleeping in his crib. Our master bedroom is on the main floor which makes it harder to get to him when he cries and we don't want to risk waking the boys so because I'm still nursing and he still wakes up once or twice to eat, I've been sleeping upstairs in the guest bedroom. When he sleeps longer than 4 hours at night, I will finally sleep back in my own bed... Any day now Hudson!!!

This week we are getting a new family photo taken. Our first "official" picture as a family of five. This is going to be such a special and bittersweet moment for me. Last year, on the day we had our first family pics taken here in Texas, Ricky and I told the boys that we were expecting a baby. I miscarried just a week and a half later. As much as I loved how those photos turned out, every time I looked at them it reminded me of what we didn't have.

Photo credit: Brandie Lynn Photography

But now, here we are with a beautiful baby boy to capture new memories with. So much has changed in just a year's time. We are incredibly blessed.

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