Body after Baby: Week 8

I've totally been slacking on the blogging thing lately. It's a result of all the running around and having very little energy. I'm  in a really good mommy groove with this three kid thing and it feels great - but the late night/early morning feedings for little Mr. leaves me so drained that by the end of the night, before I start it all over again, all I want to do is post up on the couch with a glass of wine. Or go to bed at 8:30pm. Yep, totally do.

Therefore my computer is collecting dust on my desk. And not for lack of topics to write about. I have plenty. Perhaps the task of getting through them all is enough to keep me from sitting down and actually DOING it already.

But on to this fitness thing. I've been at this for 8 weeks already?!?! Craziness. I was hoping to be down 12 lbs at this point (1.5/week) and yet I've only accomplished half of that goal. Could be because the past two weeks I've been losing steam...

I'm hopeful that this Camp Gladiator boot camp will get me going again. The first class I went to was run by trainer Rob who looked as if he'd been ripped from the front cover from Men's Health magazine. As I was struggling to hide my apprehension (and just struggling. period.) he was bouncing around yelling all sorts of "You can do it" annoyingness that made me want to punch him in the face. Seriously.

However by the end of the class, when I had that work-out glow and my endorphins were running high, I was actually thankful for his energy and enthusiasm. He was patient with my out-of-shapeness and encouraging just the same. When I could hardly lift my head off the mat for my modified crunches he would remind me gently, "Remember you just had a baby. And you're here. That's awesome!" (Not sure if 3 months ago still counts as just...but so be it).

By Tuesday morning I could tell that my body was screaming "What did you DO to me?" HOLY MUSCLE SORENESS people. Every step I took reminded me of muscles that have not been paid attention to in quite awhile. Day 2 post-workout was even it usually goes.

Then, I had to get ready to do it all over again. Thursday's class was with trainer Carole. This woman is seriously fit. And she's a grandma. My self-esteem plummeted a bit at that realization.

I give Carole a ton of credit for making the class fun while also whipping us into shape. It started with a short run (which might as well have been a full marathon to me). Then we played "golf", Camp Gladiator style. Think Bozo buckets meets scavenger hunt. There were 9 cones labeled with exercises about 30 yards from where we had to attempt to make balls into buckets. If it was a par 3, we had three chances to make it in; par 4, four chances, etc. However many balls it took to make the bucket was the number of reps we had to complete on the coordinating cone. Once we made a ball (or when we missed them all) we had to run to the cone, see what the exercise was, then run back and do the appropriate number of reps by our mat. We did this 9 times.

Thankfully I was pretty good at the game part. Or I'd probably still be at the park finishing up my workout.

While I've got a LOT of work to do in order to get where I want to be physically, it says a lot that I'm actually looking forward to the next boot-camp class. Group workouts with someone there shouting at motivating me is obviously what I need.

After all that, I only lost about a half a pound. Hopefully it will start to gradually fall off as the weeks go on.

Again, sorry about the lack of pictures. I've decided that for every 2 lbs lost I will include them. Otherwise it seems kind of a pointless comparison.

Week 8} 168.2
Week 7: 168.6
Week 6: 168.6
Week 5: 172.6
Week 4: 171.6
Week 3: 170.6
Week 2: 172.2
Week 1: 173.5
Starting Point: 174.6


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  1. Just remember muscle weighs more than fat and you are probably gaining a lot of muscle doing boot camp

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