He's home!

Aiden has been home for 10 days now and is doing well. He eats and sleeps great - unfortunately, Ricky and I can't say the same as we are still adjusting to Aiden's schedule of eating every few hours and the word diet just hasn't crossed our mind with all of the awesome food people are sending our way!

He has had several doctors appointments already - and each one has either produced good news, or have just been informational in nature. The first one was with the neurosurgeon who ordered a CT scan of Aiden's head to check out his skull and sutures preoperatively (this is an initial exam, with additional CT scans to come closer to operating time).

We took him to Kosair on Wednesday, and because he is so little, he was not sedated (yay!) so I fed him and waited until he fell asleep so that he was as still as possible for the scan. It went well and we waited for a call from the neurosurgeon to tell us if all looked okay. The results showed the craniosynistosis as we were expecting, as well as revealed that his brain showed no abnormalities. That was SUCH a relief.

The next appt. was with the pediatrician who checked him out and aside from his Aperts, he appears to be in good health. We also had a follow-up with the pediatric cardiologist. They did an ECG and another ultrasound to check if the patent ductus arteriosis had closed as it was supposed to on its own. It had - so we avoid any possible heart surgeries! He said everything else heart related looked great and he does not need to see Aiden again for a year.

That's it for appts. so far. We've got 2 big ones on the 17th and the 18th. One with the plastic surgeon who will work with the neurosurgeon for the facial surgeries and possibly the hand surgeries. The other with the eye doctor who will check to see if Aiden's vision might be effected. We've been told the surgeries will happen as follows: the cranial surgery will be before Aiden is 6 months old; the hand surgery will be probably before he is 2; and the midface surgery will come later, anywhere from age 6-10. Multiple surgeries for each may be needed as he grows.

As for the rest of us - we're doing well. My mom is staying with us for the month and we're soooo thankful she is here to help! Ethan is starting to get used to having a baby around all the time and really couldn't care less - he's still into EVERYTHING and cute as can be. Again, I want to thank all of you who have sent cards, food, gifts, etc. Your thoughts and prayers are much appreciated!