Body after Baby: Week 6

Quick post as we've got a jam packed weekend, but wanted to be sure to get this out there because...
I'm down 4 pounds this week!

I kicked it into high gear after last week's gain. Went rollerblading for the first time post-baby, tracked my calories extra carefully and made sure to walk the boys to school (pushing Hudson in his carrier and a 44 pound Aiden on our Sit and Stand stroller...folks, that ain't easy).

Plus, I'm still nursing which I think is helping me continue to lose the weight (when I'm actually trying to).

To make sure I keep losing, I took advantage of an unbelievable offer for a $4 Unlimited month of Camp Gladiator boot camp (regularly $160). I saw a friend sign up on Facebook and decided to join her. It starts October 15th. That should be interesting!

I promise to start posting more pics like in weeks past. Friday creeps up on me and it's then that I realize I haven't taken them yet. Hopefully the next set shows a difference!

Also, if you are on this weight-loss journey with me, I just want to say "keep it up"! I'd love to hear your progress - leave me a comment below!

Week 6 } 168.6
Week 5: 172.6
Week 4: 171.6
Week 3: 170.6
Week 2: 172.2
Week 1: 173.5
Starting Point: 174.6


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