Hospital Bed Rest: Day 2

It's amazing how tired you can get when you have to stay in bed all day. You'd think I'd feel well-rested and raring to go but I'm actually not. Perhaps it's the result of being deliriously bored.

So, I took a shower to feel a bit refreshed (I do have all bathroom privileges thank goodness) and actually blew dry my hair. The nurses probably did a double take when they came in and saw me - with regular clothes, hair not pulled back in a ratted mess and my bangs not pinned in a headband.

Anyway, here's my latest attempt at keeping myself occupied...a vlog! (That's a video blog if you aren't sure what it means). I must be really bored (and really brave) to let the world see me without a stitch of makeup. 


1 comment :

  1. Cool seeing you in your vlog! I'll keep you and your 'lil one in my prayers.

    Not that you'll need to worry about this...but I love watching the Duggar family (19 kids and Counting on TLC) and kept up with their last one Josie (born at 25 weeks) with all her ups and downs while she was in the NICU. Now, a few years later, you can't even tell she was born early.

    Hang in there! :)