Back to School...yippee!!!

I have a confession. I am only a *little* sad to have the summer come to an end and the boys start back to school.

As a stay at home mom, I try my darndest to keep things fun and interesting for them. But add in the sleep deprivation that comes along with a brand new baby and, well, let's just say that for the past few weeks, some days are filled with less learning and more television. Less quality time and more PLEASE!

Aiden, first day of Pre-K
I don't think I'm the only one who is excited about this change in pace. When we dropped Aiden off at school this morning we anticipated he might be a bit hesitant to let us leave. After all, his big brother is no longer at his school. But...he didn't bat an eye. I'm sure he is happy to see his friends and actually DO things. Organized, crafty, fun and even educational things. And with a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef on staff, I'm sure my little hungry monkey is looking forward to lunchtime too!

As for Ethan starting Kindergarten...yes, I am a bit emotional. Or I should say I *was*. This week Ethan has tested every limit, thrown tantrums better than a 2 year old, and talked back so much that I'll practically be pushing him out the door come Monday. It's going to be weird having him gone every single day of the week since Kinder is five days a week ALL DAY, just like the big kids. So yes, I *might* miss him a little bit. Okay, probably a lot.

To get them excited about school, they had a visit from the "Back to School Fairy". They placed their backpacks at the bottom of the stairs at night and "the Fairy" left special school treats in it by morning.

"The Fairy" filled a large desk size case with all the supplies they would need to complete their homework: a new pack of crayons, markers, colored pencils (erasable!), glue sticks, scissors, pencils and a sharpener. They will be kept on the little shelf under the kitchen table and ONLY used for school work. That way we won't be searching for markers that aren't dried out, glue sticks that aren't without caps and pencils that aren't broken. They'll have everything they need there and ready to go.

There were also a few "school readiness" workbooks, flash cards, and a box of Fruit Roll Ups for an after school treat.

See, wasting time on the internet can actually make me a better mom, er, I mean Fairy :)

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