Teacher Appreciation Week

"You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance." Franklin P. Jones

I feel like I've hit the preschool jackpot. Although Ethan's entry into early childhood education was a little bumpy, we ended up falling in love with his teachers at the YMCA and he really flourished. Then we moved to Texas and I was worried that I wasn't going to find the right fit for both boys. Fortunately the school we chose just happened to be opening a brand new campus IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD. Like, within walking distance! And it has been AMAZING from the start. Like I said...JACKPOT!

So to honor Ethan and Aiden's awesome teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week, I'm giving them the below (bonus - these are both budget friendly and guaranteed to get a few "Awwww"s).

The plant picks say "Thank You for Helping Ethan/Aiden Bloom!"

The flower baskets are for each of their daily teachers (Ethan's class has 2). The colored baskets were on super clearance in the leftover Easter section at the grocery store and I cut the handles off to make them less "Easterish". The flowers were only $3.50 each.

I found the printable plant pick templates at Skip to My Lou (free!) I didn't have Popsicle sticks (that wouldn't have been slurped from) so I improvised and used a few wooden clothespins leftover from a baby shower. They worked perfectly to hold the paper and I just pushed the thicker end into the soil.

Finally, the cards are for their other special teachers - those that may have started out the year in their class but either were promoted or moved to a different room as the classes expanded. They still played a very important part in my boys success at school so I wanted to be sure to recognize them as well. Just wrote them a special note in a card and taped a pack of "Extra" gum on the back. Super cheap! :)

We will be taking a hiatus from school for the summer - WE HAVE SO MUCH PLANNED - but they will return in the fall. I hope we can continue to be blessed with excellent teachers who have such a love for what they do!

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