AIDEN'S SURGERY: Part III -- Into surgery, and beyond!

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We all got a good night's sleep (much needed) and headed to the hospital for our 6am registration for surgery slated for 7:30. Aiden was such a big boy. He was so cooperative and didn't even freak out at the sight of the nurses! Aside from complaining just a couple times that he was thirsty (again, he couldn't drink because of the anesthesia), he didn't object one bit to any of the prodding. He rode around the hallway in a little red fire engine, giving all of the nurses a good laugh.

After all the prep work, I sat in the hospital bed with Aiden as we were moved to the pediatric day surgery holding area. This is where they give the goofy juice - the medicine that makes Aiden very sleepy and out of it (essentially he acts like he's drunk). This helps him stay calm when we leave him to be taken back for surgery. And every time, we always (half-way) joke that it might be beneficial to slip us some of that goofy juice as well. I'll tell you, even having been through this numerous times before, it NEVER gets easier watching them wheel your child out towards the steel operating room doors. There is just so much that could go wrong. And that's your baby.

The surgery itself went great. It took just about 20 minutes for the ENT to place a new set of ear tubes and just under 2 hours for Dr. Fearon to insert 2 pins into Aiden's right index finger to straighten it and to deepen the space between his left big toe. We were called back to recovery to see a VERY angry little boy coming out of the anesthesia. He just kept yelling "take it off, take it off" about the wraps on his hand and foot and it broke my heart. He fought the pain meds hard, but finally succumbed to them falling sound asleep holding the Buzz Lightyear that Ethan so graciously let Aiden take along with him (who also now sported a bandage on one hand and foot courtesy of the nurses).

We only spent about two hours on the pediatric floor before being discharged. From there on out, Aiden was the trooper that he always is. He was happy as could be - if his hand and foot hurt, either the medicine or Aiden was masking it very well. By the time we got back to the Ronald McDonald House, all he wanted to do was play at the park. I reluctantly agreed, wanting to let him do or eat just about anything his little heart desired. But seeing as though he had just had his fingers and toes sliced in to, I figured he would hesitate once outside. Boy was I wrong! That little stinker was climbing up ladders and sliding down slides as if nothing had happened at all! This kid is something else!

We stayed one more night in Dallas to make sure that everything went okay the first 24 hours after surgery, and once again met up with the Gorman's who hosted us for dinner at their house.

All was well the next morning so it was back to home sweet home, and everything has since been pretty much back to normal. His recovery includes wearing the bandages for 10 days on both his hand and foot. At that point, the bandages are removed and we begin wrapping the space between his toe as we did when he had his separations. He will wear a splint on his finger to keep it from moving much for another 2.5 weeks when the pins will need to be removed. Dr. Fearon said I could do it myself (to which I laughed because I obviously thought he was kidding). Instead, I think I will have that done by a medical professional :) I'd rather have pins put in MY finger than to remove pins from my sweet baby boy's!

I have to admit, we are one lucky family to have so many people sending prayers and thoughts our way during the last week. Having the friendship of the Gorman's to help us relax during this stressful time was wonderful. My dad managed to keep up with Ethan while we were gone and he didn't burn the house down! Our awesome neighbors sent homemade cookies and muffins with us to Dallas, along with a movie for Aiden to watch in the car. And after we got back, another awesome neighbor brought an amazing dinner over on a night where we were just too exhausted to cook. For all of the above, we are so grateful and feel truly blessed. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!


  1. SOOO glad you all are back from the surgery trip! Aiden is amazing and so is his Mama!!! Can't wait to see you all!

  2. Hi Aiden, this is Ms. Lynn from the Frogs class. Today we watched your brave face in the video because we are missing you so much. We are missing your wholehearted smile and spirited humor as we continue to pray for you throughout the day. May Angels watch over you as you are winning another battle. Good things will come when you have God on your side. We love you and miss you. Get well soon!
    Ms. Lynn and the Frogs