Life is good

It's been a while since I've updated everyone about the boys - so I would like to let everyone know that all is well in the Skees' house. :)

Ethan is doing GREAT at preschool (much to my relief). In fact, the teachers seem to have really taken a liking to him. And vice versa. Every time I pick him up he runs to Ms. Kathleen and Ms. Jennifer and gives them a big ol' smackaroo on the lips (yeah, um, we're discussing H1N1 with him and why we should only kiss our family on the lips). He proudly picks up his scribbly artwork - masterpieces I tell you - and skips out of the room shouting 'I love yous' to everyone by name.

And while we are on the topic of preschool - Ethan wore underwear today! Granted it is only 2.5 hours long, I still sent 2 changes of pants, 2 pair of clean underwear and 2 diapers *justincase*. Much to my surprise he was in the same outfit I dropped him off in when I picked him up! No accidents! Ms. Kathleen said that while playing in the gym, Ethan stopped suddenly and announced "I need to go poop!" Hopefully this means we are on our last box of Pampers. Does anyone have any idea how much having two kids in diapers costs? Like, a whole lot.

On the Aiden front, things are just as good. Besides the few bonks to his head from his loving and ever so gentle brother (sarcasm on the last part there) which have resulted in some bumps ranging in size from peas to golf balls - all of the bluish color - he is getting along great. Therapies are going well. We're all staying relatively healthy. There really isn't anything else we could ask for.

We have a lot to look forward to in the coming months. The Christmas holiday, a trip to Dallas that isn't surgery related, a much needed family vacation to Florida at the end of January and a visit to Disney! Followed by Aiden's 2nd birthday in February and Ethan turning 3 in March.

As I was is good.

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