To Make a Long Story Short

I have been so busy lately - which for blogging presents a ton of things to write about. However because the pace of things hasn't yet slowed down (and won't for another few weeks), I will sum up some of the "main things" from the past couple days/weeks rather than drag it all out into a big long post. Because it would be LONG.

Here are some tidbits:
  1. This is freshest on my brain, so I have to share...I got an iPhone for my birthday!!! I turn 28 on Monday (for the first time in my life I feel old!) and my husband surprised me with my early bday gift this afternoon. He came home from work, snuck the phone into my purse as we were coming inside from playing in the awesome fall weather, and had the ringtone set to the Happy Birthday song. He called it from his phone. I had NO IDEA where that song was coming from. As I made it closer to my purse on the kitchen table, it just didn't process in my mind that the song could have been coming from my purse because I was SURE that I had nothing in there that would sing Happy Birthday. Finally, I opened it to uncover the beautiful phone that I've been eyeing for many many months. I WAS 100% SURPRISED. And 100% happy. It is a bit out of our budget right now (especially since we have to pay a contract termination fee for T-Mobile to switch to ATT), but Ricky always has a way of making things happen. He knew how much I wanted this phone (and the internet on my phone) so he had everyone in his family and my parents go in on the gift to cover all the fees - which in and of itself are more than the phone even costs. With his work discount, the monthly cost is only a few dollars more than the one I'm currently on with T-Mobile WITH NO INTERNET. I'm so pumped. Now I can blog on the run, check in on Facebook, and actually use GPS when I'm lost in the middle of Sacramento (as I was just last week). :)

  2. I went to Sacramento, Modesto, Los Gatos, Santa Cruz and San Jose last week. It was AWESOME. We attended Alexa's Appeal hosted by the Rast family who has a child with Craniosynostosis, just one of the things that Aiden has endured as part of his Apert Syndrome. They did a phenomenal (that's for you Ricky) job putting it all together. I was honored to have Aiden be a part of the message that they were sharing with the 150 or so guests that came to support CCA. Everything from the food, raffle, silent auction, and comedian were just excellent. The video Denise put together herself was absolutely amazing. I want to do something similar for Little Fire Big Heart next year - but I doubt I will even be able to come close to the quality that Denise's video was. If you're interested, click here for the link (you will need to download the free video software and will need about 25 minutes to see from start to finish).

  3. I attempted to see a movie by myself for the first time ever while in Sacramento. But got up and asked for my money back when I got to the creepy, damp, basement theater to watch "Sorority Row" (I know, I know, don't even comment) because it was only me and a fifty-ish man with a duffle bag in the entire room. I thought it was strange so I decided to trust my instincts and get out of there. I hope he enjoyed it!

  4. AIDEN IS WALKING!! Yes he is 19 months old but so what. This is a milestone that we are probably 10 times more proud of than when Ethan started walking. He's had his chips stacked against him from day one and yet he continues to amaze us each and every day in his very own way. We couldn't be more ecstatic!

  5. Did I say I got an iPhone for my birthday????

  6. And speaking of birthday, I am officially starting to feel old. Aside from the fact that I find myself scrutinizing my complexion in the mirror on a daily basis (which now doesn't only have the stubborn little blemishes on my chin that I had as a teenager, but also includes MANY more fine lines and wrinkles than I thought I would see while still in my 20s). I took my niece to her gymnastics class the other day and began to reminisce about the days when I was a competitive gymnast at the very same gym. I did the math and literally gasped out loud when I said it again in my head: "It's been 20 years...TWENTY YEARS...since I was a gymnast". I'm not a math person so I began recalculating it to make sure I wasn't making a mistake. But I wasn't. TWENTY YEARS. Ugh.

  7. I guess that statistic would make sense considering that my TEN YEAR high school reunion is tomorrow. Why do I have butterflies? I mean I'm married and have kids. Yet I am getting butterflies about seeing people I haven't been friends with in TEN YEARS (unless you count Facebook - but we all know that being "friends" on Facebook doesn't necessarily mean much). I recently saw a Facebook group that was called "If we're friends on Facebook, we should atleast acknowledge eachother when we see one another in person". LOL.

  8. Considering where I was 10 years ago, and even 20 years ago for that matter, and although I may still have some insecurities, some fears about the future and some things about myself that I'd like to change (that 10 pounds I was going to lose before my 10 year reunion never happened...) let it be known that I am madly in love with my handsome husband and my two little boys are my world. Some may think I was dealt a crappy hand when Aiden was born with his condition. Yeah, it kinda sucked, I'm not gonna lie. But my life, to make a long story short, is still nothing less than amazing.


  1. taryn, i only wish i was turning 28 on tuesday...for the first time in my life, I FEEL OLD, i will actually be 36, yep closer to 40 and 30 yikes!! have fun at your reunion and yeah for aiden walking!!

  2. Go Aiden! You are a truly amazing little boy! Happy Birthday Taryn!

  3. Hi Taryn,

    Always love reading your updates. I am 35 so like the other Maria said- 28 again would be lovely! You're only as old as you feel and although like you maybe -this first year of Ira's life has felt like 5 years due to what he and we have accomplished, I still feel like I'm too young to be a responsible working mother of 2.

    Must be so neat to have Aiden walking. Ira (at 13 months) is standing everywhere and really annoyed I think that he can't yet walk. Being on the floor and crawling (well army style dragging) just doesn't do it for him anymore!

    Have a fantastic reunion and good stuff Ricky on the I-phone!

  4. oops just re-read the comments, I meant Kellie, not the other Maria xx

  5. Hey, Taryn. Ijust wanted to let you know that I really enjoy reading your blog, and look at you guys as an inspiration for my are able to provide Aiden with everything he needs, give Ethan the attention he needs, and still have a "normal" family life! I received a Lemonade Award and decided to nominate everyone on my blogroll for the award. Even though you aren't on my blogroll, I thought your blog would be perfect for the award, too! See an explanation on my blog...

    P.S.- If you don't mind, I would like to add a link to your blog from our blog, so others can read about your amazing family! Let me know if that is okay with you. :)