update on Aiden's eye surgery

With the craziness that was this past weekend, I completely forgot to update everyone after Aiden's eye surgery last Wednesday.

Everything went well. It was really a very short procedure and he bounced back to his good ol' happy self within 24 hours after we left the hospital.

Aiden had surgery on his right eye to repair and strengthen an eye muscle that was causing some mild strabismus (where the eye veers off in one direction or the other due to lack of muscle strength). This condition is quite common, and the majority of kids with Apert Syndrome require surgery to address the issue. The procedure is very routine and only takes about 30-40 minutes.

We didn't have to travel to Dallas for this surgery, rather it was done locally at Kosair Children's Hospital. They gave him the "goofy juice" and we held him as he got a little...goofy. After the took him back for the operation, Ricky and I headed to the waiting room. I barely got through making my grocery list when they called our name. We immediately thought something was wrong as it had seemed like they had just taken him back. In reality, the surgery was over. I guess we're used to the 5+ hour surgeries and all of the waiting that comes along with it.

We talked with the doctor who said that everything went well, then met Aiden in the recovery area. He drank some fluids, we got him dressed and we were on our way! Short and simple. No bandages. No pain medicine. Just some eye ointment for a week and that was it.

So happy that it is over with and we can once again look forward to going a few years without any surgeries (of course I won't hold my seems like something always comes up). But for now, I want to stay away from hospitals!!!!

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