Day with Thomas

We visited the KY Railway Museum on Saturday for a Day out With Thomas. It was such a good set up, I'm sure we'll be back in the coming years.

Almost missed our 9am train ride - the ticket receipt showed my online ORDER time of 9:32 and I thought that was the ride time. The site said to plan to arrive atleast an hour before your boarding time, so we packed up the car and hit the road for the hour+ drive around 7:30am (hey, I was impressed we got ourselves and both boys dressed and out the door that early).!

We got there about 8:45 and I started to look at all of the different activity stations with the boys while Ricky went to check-in for the train ride with time to spare. Suddenly, I look up at him frantically waving me up to the loading deck. The ride was at 9:00! So I'm holding Ethan's hand and pushing Aiden in a stroller at the same time while rushing up to load onto the train. We were the very last ones - and the "conductor" rolled his eyes as we handed him our tickets - but we made it!

Surprisingly, Aiden seemed to enjoy it more than Ethan. We were in a dining car, so we had a table with four chairs. I sat Aiden up on the table so he could get a better view of the passing scenery out the window. He kicked and laughed and pointed the whole time. I don't know if Ethan was just too overwhelmed by it all (I mean we WERE riding on THOMAS!) or if he just didn't care for it, but he just kind of sat there taking it all in.

After the 25 minute ride, we made our way around each of the activity stations - toy train table play area, giant bouncy castle, meeting Sir Topham Hat, putt-putt, and of course, the Thomas Store. If you have small kids, I highly recommend making the trip when Thomas comes to the local station near you! We had so much fun! Click here for more pictures from the day.

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