Staying usual

Had Aiden at the pulmonologist yesterday for a follow-up from his bug in Dallas. Dr. Morton is happy with how Aiden is doing. He was a little snotty at the appointment, but nothing that seemed to be anything more than allergies according to him.

After the appointment, Aiden conked out in the car so I drove around for the next hour until my lunch meeting to discuss the CCA benefit I'm planning. I knew if he didn't have his nap, the lunch meeting would be pointless.

He was very good at lunch. But as the day wore on, he went downhill. Snot began to pour from his nose like a faucet. Green goopy stuff secreted from his eyes. His temperature shot up. And then he gagged on phlegm and vomited ALL OVER the family room. I called the pediatrician and made an appointment. Turns out he has a double ear infection and conjunctivitis. Fun!

He's doing a little better today (a little less green goopy eye gunk and a lot less snot) - but he is now on seven...count them...SEVEN different medicines on a daily basis. Seriously? Give this poor kid a break!

In other news, our schedule is jam packed as usual. I don't think we have a free weekend for the forseeable future. It certainly keeps life interesting!

A glimpse at the month to come:

  • We're taking the boys to the Day Out With Thomas on Saturday morning, then heading to a friend's little girl's 1st birthday party in the afternoon
  • First girls night/bunco next Thursday (yippee!)
  • A friend's wedding on the 13th (glad to see one of Ricky's high-school friends FINALLY getting married!)
  • A trip to NKY the following weekend, then leaving from there for Aiden's 6 week post-op visit in Dallas for 3 days
  • Mommy's day/night out with Audrey in Owensboro (another yippee!) the weekend we get back from Dallas
  • Leaving (with the boys) for a week at our family cottage in Michigan the last week in June

July doesn't slow down much either! What can I say - we're a busy busy busy family!

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