Breathing Easy

Aiden had a follow-up appointment with his pulmonologist and it was relief to get some more good news. His lungs sound great and even though he's currently got a case of the sniffles, it proved to be all upper respiratory and nothing that needs to be medicated beyond the occasional Albuterol breathing treatment we've been doing. Dr. Morton even said we can stop giving Aiden the Pulmicort, which was the second of the two meds we administered via a nebulizer on a daily basis. Yippee! The kicker is that he doesn't see a need to have recurring follow-up appointments. We can cross this doctor off our long list - we now only need to see him if and when he has any issues compromising his breathing, which so far, we've been very lucky (knock on wood) to avoid for the most part.

We have also scheduled his next surgery for May 6th. This will be the third and hopefully final surgery Aiden will undergo until he is at least 5 or 6 years old. For the upcoming surgery, we will again be traveling to Dallas and my mom and Ethan will be coming along. We hope to spend a day out and about in Dallas, enjoying our time around the city rather than just seeing the inside of the hospital. Also, We're really looking forward to getting together for our rain-check with the Gorman's and for Ethan to meet their little boy John who is his age.

I will give more details about what this upcoming surgery entails at a later time.

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