Scrawny little legs and a strong heart

We got Aiden's leg casts removed on Thursday. Once again, it was an amazing experience (I realize I use that word quite liberally, but seriously, Aiden is amazing...). And once again, Aiden was such a trooper. He laid there calm as could be as we unraveled his smurf-blue casts to reveal his made-over feet. Ricky and I were there together as we shared that moment for the first time - one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. All ten. Beautiful. Little Toes.

Even Aiden was quite taken aback by his new tootsies. When the final shreds of cast came off, he threw his legs up into the air, pulled his legs in side by side and stared at them, silent, for nearly 30 seconds, followed by a cute little grunt.

With the bulk of his casts removed, I realized that I had forgotten just how scrawny his little legs are. I couldn't wait to tickle his thighs and feel his baby-soft skin. It was...amazing...

To top it off, he got his one-year old shots before we left the pediatrician's office, and was content enough afterwards to accompany me on a few errands before Ethan's party tomorrow. Did I say that he is one AMAZING kiddo? Oh, I did? I'm sorry. I'm just one proud parent.

Then, on to today where we got even more good news. We had a follow-up appointment with Aiden's pediatric cardiologist this morning - and an ultrasound showed absolutely nothing to be worried about. This is excellent (or should I say amazing), for many reasons. For one, a lot of kids with Apert Syndrome also have congenital heart defects that range from life-threatening to just annoying enough to cause an additional worry for the moms and dads. Aiden's heart escaped that fate at all measures. And two, this is now one less doctor that we will need to see on a regular basis.

Aiden continues to defy the odds. Amazing.

PS - I will upload pictures of his feet in a few days - we've got a lot going on this weekend (Ethan's birthday party, attending the "McDazzle" gala benefiting the Ronald McDonald House, etc.) So check back Monday!

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