Writing a "Mom"oir

I don't claim to be Shakespeare, but my whole life, I've loved to write. I do better with real-life, non-fiction, type stuff. I love to write about my kids. I like telling stories about my day-to-day "Mom"ents. Stuff that people can relate to.

So...after much urging, I've decided to take a step in the direction of doing something for myself. I've signed up for a writing course that I hope will both inspire me and provide some positive critiques of my writing - because the last time I've had someone "proofread" anything was in college. And I can't quite believe that has already been 5 years ago.

It is an online course and it is focused on writing what the instructor is calling a "momoir". As soon as Aiden was born, amidst all of the questions, doubt, shock and confusion, deep in my heart I knew that he was going to be an inspiration in my life. At the time, I didn't quite know how - I was still dealing with (and continue to deal with) more emotions than I expected to as a mother - but I now realize that maybe writing about those emotions and my experience with having a child with Apert Syndrome is the perfect outlet for me to connect with other moms, especially those who have a child with special needs.

Anyone with children knows what a life-changing experience it is to become a parent. It’s working 24 hour shifts, no breaks, no excuses. As scary as it is, nobody can do it for you. And as much as you might doubt it at times, nobody can do it better. I'm hoping that I am able to capture my unique and unexpected path into motherhood in a way that both of my boys will appreciate and understand when they are older. My ultimate goal is to have my very own "momoir" published somewhere down the road. We'll see how it goes...I'll keep you posted!


  1. Way to go Taryn! I can't wait to read your published piece in a few years.


  2. Thats great, I cant wait to read your published work! I have read your posts in the past and you are a great writer. The post about how you went out by yourself for an afternoon and thought you heard some guys whistling at you but in the end it was Ethan's toy, almost had me peeing my pants. So funny, GREAT story! Hope all is well, and your boys are beautiful by the way~

  3. I'm proud of you for following your dreams! You are an inspiration to not only myself, but to many. Your boys (and Ricky) are lucky to have a Mommy like you. God chose you to have 2 beautiful babies and that they are. A book would be an awesome way to reach out to other Mommy's who have Extra-Special babies!