I see you peekin'

Sorry for the delay in updates - yes, we are home sweet home. Our trip back from Dallas was uneventful. Thank goodness.

We got a few looks and stares at the airport as we had expected, but I'm guessing most people could tell that he must've just had some kind of surgery (you know, rather than thinking that we beat our child or something). We tried to avoid having to wake him up and take him out of his carseat to go through security - pulling the whole "look, he just had major head surgery..." but thanks to the 9-11 terrorists, the supervisor just shrugged and said "sorry, he's got to come out of there".

When we got in to CVG, Nana and Ethan met us at the airport. We were so happy to see him feeling better and back to his normal high-energy self. And from the speed of his little legs pumping to run towards us at baggage claim, I could tell that he missed us too.

Ricky's friend Jason is about to be married in June and was having his bachelor party in Cincy that night. So we went straight from the airport to drop Ricky off downtown to meet up with his friends. He deserved the night out after the long and stressful week.

We celebrated Mother's Day on Sunday with my family then headed back home in the evening. My boys gave me custom made plates that they drew on with permanent markers. Soooo cute. And some flowers. Ricky gave me a certificate for a pedicure.

As for how Aiden is doing - his swelling is going down by the minute. His eyes started opening on Monday morning...ever so slightly. When we went in to get him out of bed they were just open a little sliver. Now, Tuesday evening, both are open about halfway, but the stitch in the outside corner is keeping them from fully opening. As soon as the stitch dissolves, they will open all the way.

Despite not being able to see normally, Aiden is back to his happy-go-lucky self. He's crawling all over and as smily as could be. Have I ever mentioned how amazing he is? :)

Ethan is aware of Aiden's "boo-boos" and the need to be extra careful with him. He loves his little brother so much and can't wait to start pushing him over or laying on top of him to smother him with hugs again.

So now, with Aiden's surgeries over for at least a few years, we're focusing our energy on selling our house and enjoying the nice spring weather as much as we can.

I want to thank everyone once again for the thoughts and prayers throughout last week. We're so thankful for the support we have from friends and family.

I have so many more pictures to upload - including our visit with the Gorman's, meeting the Hurd's, and Aiden's unswelling progress - so check back soon!


  1. I'm so glad his surgery and your trip all turned out successful!!! Bet your glad to be home!!! Now to sell your house. You need to buy a small statue of St.Joseph and bury him in your front yard.He work every time for us!!! Mary Ann Reed

  2. Little trooper- he's doing so well! So glad everything is finished now for a decent stint! Good luck with your house selling, Maria -Ira's mum.