It's gonna be a looooong night

I'm not sure this day could have gotten any worse. The only thing that even validates the hell we've been through today is the fact that I can look over at my sweet little boy as he snuggles into his blankie and flashes me a smile through the bars of his hospital crib.

Yep, that's right, I said hospital crib. If you read my earlier post that laid out the itinerary of events for this week, you would know that a hospital stay on Tuesday night was not on the agenda. Plans change. And boy oh boy it's frustrating.

Aiden started getting the sniffles on Sunday evening, the night before our flight to Dallas. We phoned Dr. Fearon to mention it to him and see if he was concerned at all and whether or not a cold would effect the chances for surgery to take place as scheduled. He said it shouldn't be an issue. We were reassured.

It seemed that his case of the sniffles had morphed into something more the second the plane skid into the gate. A little coughing here and there. Drippy nose. Was it allergies? Change in weather/enviorment making his cold act up? If only.

His cough picked up throughout the day on Monday - but we still convinced ourselves that it was nothing major. I'll go ahead and tell you it was NOT the ever-dreaded Swine, I mean sorry, the H1N1 virus...instead, it is bronchitis.

I'll spare you all of the details that made the next few hours JUST PLAIN MISERABLE, but will tell you it involved each and every one of the following (not necessarily in this order): language barriers with doctors and/or nurses, miscommunication all around, poor little Aiden getting poked not once, not twice, not even three times, but FOUR times to draw blood because of a nurse and laboratory staff error, IV coming undone, blood all over the floor, and dropping oxygen levels.

Long story short, Aiden is now on oxygen, FINALLY sleeping like a baby despite vitals being checked every hour and respiratory therapists coming in to administer breathing treatments every two hours.

The remaining doctor visits that were scheduled as part of our pre-op appointments were done in the hospital room earlier this afternoon. Dr. Fearon (the craniofacial surgeon), Dr. Sacco (the neurosurgeon), and Dr. Trone (the ENT) came to the room for their consults. They all seemed pleased with how Aiden looked. However the consensus is that the decision on whether to proceed with surgery will be made first thing in the morning based on how he does tonight. As nervous as I am about this surgery, I really want to have it done tomorrow rather than be sent all the way home only to have to return for surgery at a later date to be determined (and to again anxiously await it and re-prepare myself for it a second time).

Please say some extra prayers that this all works out and Aiden is healthy enough to move forward with surgery as planned.

I will update when I know more tomorrow.

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