My poor Aiden looks like a gremlin

We knew that he would be a lot more swollen than when we last saw him yesterday (more on that below), but it was quite shocking to see the transformation. His poor head is stretched like a balloon that looks like it is about to burst. His expanded skin is smooth and shiny. His eyes are beginning to bruise. It looks as if he got into a fight...and lost...big time.

Yesterday afternoon, Dr. Fearon came by to see Aiden. He suggested that Ricky and I take the night off to go have dinner, a glass of wine and to get a good night's sleep saying that while Aiden is in the PICU, he's got the best babysitters he'll ever have. Without his mentioning it, we probably never would have done it - our plan was for Ricky to stay with Aiden since I had the night before - but we decided that we must've looked like we needed the rest. So we did just that. (Although we probably annoyed the nurses by calling in to check on him as often as we did!)

Feeling refreshed, we got dressed, ate some breakfast and headed back to the hospital. He's snoozing right now, but he has been doing very well overall. He's drinking milk again and I'm going to try to get him to eat some solids - I just ordered him some yogurt and mashed potatoes to see if he wants something hot or something cold. His oxygen levels are holding steady at around 98-100 on room air so that is excellent! His pain level doesn't seem high and it is being managed with regular Tylenol so far. He is a trooper!

We should be moving to the regular floor as soon as they have a room available for him. Then, if all continues on this track, the plan is still for Aiden to be discharged tomorrow after Dr. Fearon comes by to see him. Our flight is on Saturday, so we'll have one night with him at the hotel before heading back to my parents house.

Thanks again for all of the good vibes being sent our way - they're working!

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