Totally Amazed

Watching my children tonight, I must say that I have been reminded how wonderful life is. Ricky and I just marvel at the many things that Ethan and Aiden start to do for the first time. Ethan makes us laugh in so may ways - his tenderness with Aiden as he runs (or should I say waddles) up to give him a hug and then swats at his head as if he is a toy he wishes to play with. Or the way he spins in circles to invoke our rendition of "Ring Around the Rosie". I cannot believe how much he has grown in what feels like a nano-second.

And Aiden has started to smile a knowing smile. The kind that when I get in front of him as he's staring at the blinking lights of his toy, he seems to notice me and thinks "hey, that's that lady I kind of like". My heart melts.

I'm getting ready to leave Aiden for a few nights (the first time I will be away from him for more than one night) and I cannot help but already feel upset. I won't nuzzle him one, two or (sometimes on those particularly annoying nights) three times at night. Instead I will awake to a plastic pump - which I wouldn't count as very enjoyable at 4am. I'll try to enjoy my "time away from the baby", but I know that I will more than likely miss him even after my newfound freedom allows me to have a few margaritas with the fam.

And I must say - I'm continuing to learn that God works in mysterious ways. I've been fortunate enough to be connected with some wonderful people in the past few days that have both inspired me and provoked me to think of my life differently.

Okay - so I've blogged twice in one day. I'm officially addicted. Stay tuned, apparantly I've got a lot to say.

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