Kiddie Land

Hi! Today is Mommy and Daddy's anniversary. They've been married for 3 years! That's before I was here! Daddy brought mommy the prettiest flowers. I love flowers and sniffing them makes me laugh.
Aiden - or "Dee Dee" as I call him - is doing good. I still like to hug on him lots. He makes me smile all the time. Especially when I am in another room and I can hear him. I point and say "Dee Dee". I love my little brother. I can't wait until he is big like me so we can play together more.
I have lots of teeth now. I've got 4 molars, and 4 teeth on the top and bottom in the front. I LOVE to brush my teeth. Really, I just like to suck the yummy tasting gel of the toothbrush, but mommy says she'll take that if I'll do it. We sing the ABC's while she tries to scrub my teeth. I think I might go to the Dentist soon.
Mom and dad say I am a ball of energy - and Nana says I'm such a busy boy. I love exploring everything - and especially like to find all the things that mommy and daddy don't want me to have (like the expensive remote control and the phones...I've managed to set off the house alarm more than once! Sorry ADT.)
I am a very sweet boy, but I've recently learned how to have a meltdown. If I don't get my way I throw myself on the floor and flail my arms and legs while screaming. I glance up periodically to see mommy or daddy's reaction, and most of the time they look very mad (although one time I caught them laughing at me!) Hopefully I'll find a better way to negotiate getting what I want soon or else I think mom might go crazy!
I got to stay with Grandma and PawPaw when mommy and daddy took Dee Dee to Dallas, TX. I love playing with my cousins Kevin, Makenzie and Presley. We swing on the swingset and sometimes PawPaw takes us on tractor rides.I went to Kings Island with mommy, Aunt Lauren, Uncle Jeff and my cousins Lilly, Andy and Ben. For some reason, I didn't like any of the rides in Kiddie Land. I was too small for most of them, but even the ones I was big enough for I didn't want to ride. Maybe when I'm 2 I won't be as scared. It sure looked like Andy and Lilly had a good time!
Say some prayers for Dee Dee will you? Love, Ethan

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