Family day...well, we tried anyway!

After spending a long weekend in Chicago without my husband and Aiden, I decided that today would be a great day for all of us to do something fun as a family. We had a good breakfast, managed to get a morning nap (even Ricky and I), then got ready for our fun day. We decided on a picnic at Waterfront Park where Ethan could run around in the fountains and play at the park.

I packed the bag with Ethan's towel, extra clothes and snacks and we loaded the kids into the car. Ricky and I opted for Subway and brought a cooler with softdrinks. By the time we headed out, the perfectly sunny sky started to turn gray. We checked the local weather-by-phone and were disappointed to hear that there was a 60% chance of storms in the "early afternoon". I looked at the clock. 11:45. Great.

We hurried to Subway and decided to eat our food in the car so it would give Ethan more time to play at the park before any rain. We arrived downtown, found a great parking spot and started to unload. Strollers, check. Little boy ready to play in the water, check. Towel and dry clothes for said little boy...nowhere to be found. It remained by the door at home. Boo.

So plan B or should I say, now, plan C. Let him play in the water and use the blanket we brought (for the picnic we were going to have) to dry him off. Got the kids in their strollers and headed to the water play area. Just as we got Ethan out of the stroller and interested in the spouting water fountain - rain. It wouldn't have been a big deal, but poor little Aiden in his stroller...Ricky went to get the car. So now that Ethan was soaked and we didn't have time to get him dried off, we had to get back in the car and head home.

Not quite the family day we had in mind. However, it was still a good time and got us out of the house for a few hours. Plus, we got a few cute pics, which always makes it worth it!


  1. Welcome to the blogging world, where you will soon find (as in now) that total strangers will stop by uninvited and leave you messages! I have a blogging friend who tried to get me into my own blog. I stubbornly resisted until my daughter was diagnosed with cancer and it became a necessity to keep friends and family informed.

    So... how did I find you? My son's name is Ethan Skees. I googled him for fun and found your site! We are John and Sarah Skees from Florida (now living in Montana). Our daughter, Ellie died in December at age 9, and our son, Ethan is 5. And, Ethan has a cousin in Florida named Aiden (also Skees) - how cool is that?

    I was reading up on your struggles with Aiden's condition on your other site. Nothing like being thrust into the middle of a whole bunch of medical terminology that you've never heard before it's being talked about in reference to your own child! (I know how freaky this is from close experience.) I'm glad he's doing well and you found a great doctor - that can make all the difference in the world!

    Well, I'll move along now... I just had to tell you that our sons share a name! Feel free to stop by my blog if you ever feel so inclined:

  2. T, I absolutely love this. I need to get into blogging. I tried it a couple times on myspace. Things seem to be going so well for you guys. I love all the funny stories. Aiden is such a doll and things seem to be moving right along. It's so strange how we are the same age, yet worlds apart in our life experiences. I look forward to reading more. Hope to talk to you soon. I can keep you posted on the happenings of a single woman. It's pretty exciting. lol.