See Mommy Run: Week 5 training update

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See Mommy Run

I just started week 5 of my 5k training using the FREE C25K app on my iphone. I have found this to be the PERFECT way to slowly build up my running endurance and I'm so happy to say that starting in the middle of week 4 I FINALLY feel pretty good while running.

These are the inserts I use.
I bought them at Academy.
A few weeks in I was having issues with my knees and discovered I have something called plantar fasciitis (bascially my heels hurt like crazy all the time) - but with some helpful suggestions from fellow runners, I am finding that my knees and heels hurt less and less. Some mentioned it could be my shoes, which I was thinking to be the case. The shoes I wear are New Balance and while I did not have a full "running analysis" done when I purchased them, they did use some computer thingy to see my foot's pressure points to match me with a good pair. Before I splurged on a new pair of shoes, I decided to treat the plantar fascitis by adding a cushiony insert. So far, that has done the trick. No more knee pain and the heel pain is significantly less.

Along with the running, Ricky and I have been putting our YMCA membership to good use (and taking advantage of the 3 hour childcare as well!) by adding some weight training to our routine. Even despite my overall fatigue from my thyroid issues, when I'm able to get these workouts in I feel great afterwards. I definitely think that toning up my muscles is going to benefit my running endurance as well.

So while I'm still not a running fanatic by any means - I am starting to enjoy tolerate it more than before. I am halfway through my 5k training and hope to meet my first goal this summer -- to run a 5k with my sister!

Stay tuned...

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