Update: Hudson's hemangioma

Our little guy Hudson was born with a mixed hemangioma on his forehead. 
To read my first post about it, click here.

Over the past few months, Hudson's bump shrunk down to a faint pink spot during the time he was on the medicine. We successfully weaned him from 2 doses of Propranolol to 1 dose and eventually altogether stopped in the middle of March. His specialist had told us that it is kind of hard to know exactly when the "growth" phase is complete, thus, there was a chance that we could see the bump begin to increase after discontinuing the med.

We watched it for the next 2 weeks. Each day it appeared slightly redder, darker, and finally started to raise above the skin a bit. So I called the doctor to see what she recommended and wasn't surprised when she said to start giving him the Propranolol again. He will continue the medicine for another 4 weeks, then we will  wean him a second time to see if at that point the growth phase is complete. The hemangioma should go away on it's own at some point, the medicine is simply helping to keep it from growing bigger until it does. Luckily he tolerates the medicine well and we've not experienced any significant side effects.

There is no exact time table for the cycle of growth but I was under the impression that typically they should stop growing between 6 and 8 months of age. Hudson is 8.5 months. In the meantime, I suppose this will just be a game of trial and error - medicine, wean medicine, wait and see. I'm happy we have the option to give him something that will keep it from growing, however I am also anxious for the process to just be done already. I'm so over people's ignorant (albeit totally harmless) comments...

"Oh, poor baby bonked his head." 
"Ouch, someone got a boo boo." 
"Big brothers play too rough with you?"

I've stopped correcting people. Instead I've found it's just easier to smile and ignore.

Despite it all, Hudson is happy as can be. It doesn't phase him one bit! And of course, not even that bruise-like bump stops people from noticing his big bright baby blues!


  1. Ahh, he's just adorable, though! And I wouldn't have even noticed it in the most recent pic!

  2. The hemangioma doesn't change how cute he is in the slightest! Glad he's tolerating the medicine well, but I hope you'll be able to wean him from it soon. And you're right- those eyes. *Baby swoon.*