Family = Love

I had an amazing childhood. One filled with love, tons of laughter and many opportunities and experiences some never have. To say I was fortunate in that regard is an understatement but I try not to take any of it for granted.

Looking back, my best memories are all centered around time spent with family. My mom is one of 10 children and my dad is one of 6 so our family functions were never small - the rooms were always filled to the brim with aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and branches extending out beyond the ones I ever even recognized or knew first-hand. I hardly remember ever being bored.

It is true that we lived in a much different time. One where where electronics were rarely turned on and computers in the home didn't really exist (and when they did, they were certainly not loaded with games...MS dos anyone?) We played outside until dark and sometimes even later without our parents worrying too much about kidnappers and other child predators. We used our imaginations abundantly, had dinner as a family every night and played board games like Boggle and Life on any given Friday evening. My, how things changed.

Despite the fact that I have more electronic gadgets than I can count (of which my kids ages 4 and 5 can use better than most adults in my parents generation) and that I am too afraid to ever let my children out of my sight even to play in the front yard, there is one major thing that remains a constant.


What I hope to accomplish as a mother - after all is said and done - is for my children to one day look back on their childhood, as I do mine...and smile. I want them to have known love in its greatest form. To have memories that guide them into adulthood and give them goals for their futures. I want their relationships with their siblings to be unwavering. As we all know, family is forever. We didn't get to choose ours, God chose them for us.

Thanks to the folks at Alphabet Photography, this beautiful piece of artwork recently became a centerpiece in our home. It is the perfect reminder of the ties that bind.

I started by choosing the word, then got to customize every individual letter from a gallery of photographs taken of everyday objects that resemble letters of the alphabet.

It came ready to be hung in a 3" solid wood frame and museum quality double mat with a V groove. Valued at $169.95, the piece is a hand-made original signed and dated by the author.

Once the artwork was hung, we used it as an opportunity to talk with the boys about how family is so important now and always. This high-quality piece will be a constant reminder of just that, and something we will cherish for years to come.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of
Alphabet Photography. The opinions and text are all mine.

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