Raising Awareness: "All About Aiden"

Many people have emailed asking about the book I made about Aiden and how to purchase it. I made this book online and it is available for purchase for $25. (That is simply the cost of the materials to print/make the book, I intentionally set the profit to $0 as sharing the book and raising awareness is the ultimate goal).

All About Aiden
by Taryn Skees
All About Aiden

I read this book to Aiden's preschool class of 3 and 4 year olds last fall during the month of September, which also happens to be Craniofacial Acceptance Month. I truly feel if we as parents start educating our kids from a young age about those with physical differences and disabilities, we can create an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance. Kids are curious and sometimes they speak without a filter - which most of the time I find humorous. I decided to make "All About Aiden" as a tool for me to anticipate and articulate the appropriate responses to their very perceptive questions. 

If you are interested in purchasing this book, just click on the link above. You can also find an online version of the book in its entirety - which can be pulled up on any computer at home or in your child's classroom if you'd prefer to share it without purchasing.

Either way, I would LOVE to hear from those of you who have decided to share "All About Aiden" with your child or their class. When you do, you will get a very special "thank you" from little man himself!

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