Beyond the Face is a Heart

Today's society is so very focused on image and so quick to pass judgement based on the way someone looks. Even now that I have a child with a rare syndrome - one that affects his life in many ways, but most notably with physical differences - I am not immune to it.  I sometimes get caught up in it all as I flip through the magazines at the grocery store checkout, rest my hand on my belly pooch, and curse myself for eating that pizza for lunch. We are accustomed to believing that being beautiful - on the outside - goes hand in hand with having a happy life.

But we all know deep down, that is simply not the case. Having a child who has been and will continue to be judged by his differences has added a new perspective to my life. I see things in a new light. We all struggle with acceptance from time to time. Accepting ourselves, learning to accept other's who are different from us.

September is Craniofacial Acceptance Month and I am asking everyone to help me spread the message about Aiden - about all kids, adults and families affected by craniofacial conditions - that "Beyond the Face is a Heart".

Take a minute to learn about what we've been through, how special Aiden is and how we hope other's can learn to see beyond his physical imperfections. Take a few minutes to talk with your kids about people who have birth defects. Help them to understand that it is so important to accept people for who they are not how they look. Teach them how hurtful it can be to stare, make mean comments or ridicule someone who is different from them.

I strongly believe that awareness plays a huge part in acceptance. Help me make an impact by sharing these links with your family and friends:

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