10 Mommy Confessions

If you are a mom, you've experience the phenomenon that is "mommy guilt". The little things you try to slide into your day when your kids don't notice or the small ways you grasp tightly onto the before-you-were-a-mom version of yourself. Or sometimes it is succumbing to being a "lazy mom" when nobody is looking. Allowing yourself to flip through a magazine cover to cover while your kids watch two whole episodes of...oh, who the hell knows, you never even looked up from your reading material.

Tonight, I sit before you and intend to point the finger at myself. I will make myself vulnerable by offering this week's very honest installment of...

10 Mommy Confessions

When my kids were babies, I used to turn off their monitor at the first indication 
of a whine and pretend I didn't hear them. Either that, or I'd turn up the volume really loud 
and put it right next to my husband's pillow. Still pretending to be asleep.

I was that kind of mom that put my kids to bed with their bottle. And a paci. 
And guess what - their teeth didn't fall out.

One time, after a particularly fun night out on the town, I awoke to a crying Ethan, 
stumbled to the kitchen, filled his sippy cup with Diet Coke and gave it to him in bed. 
My husband intercepted my poor attempt at motherhood and never let me live it down. 
Surely that would have made his teeth fall out.

I have underpaid a babysitter. There I said it. 
As a prior babysitter myself, I should be more empathetic of this position. However as an adult, 
I find it soooo hard to pay some pimply, high-schooler the exorbitant "going rate" 
to have her warm the couch, chat on her cell phone, surf the web and watch TV 
uninterrupted while my kids snooze upstairs. Can you imagine...being PAID for that kind of alone time? Instead, I get to have a rushed "night out" that ends up costing an arm and a leg.

I have bought my kids junk food just so I could eat it myself.

I lie to my kids. Like, a lot. 
About why they can't watch another kid show (their brain will turn to mush), 
why they can't get that toy (mommy doesn't have any money), 
why they have to leave the pool (someone peed in it). 
A bit scare-tactic, a bit white-lie. Totally necessary.

I throw out their toys when they are sleeping and pray that they never realize it.

I feed my kids processed foods like Lunchables and Cheez-Its. 
We also eat at fast food restaurants more than I like to admit. 

I secretly hope one of my kids becomes famous and one day buys me a house/boat/car 
to say thank you for being a wonderful mom.

I worry that my kids won't think I was a wonderful mom.

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  1. http://www.homerunmama.com/2011/08/10-things-tuesday-mommy-confessions.html

    Did it!

  2. Sounds pretty normal to me. Really enjoying your blog, thans so much for leading me to it :)