Aiden's Journey: Awarness and Hope

It is with much excitement that I am sharing this with all my blog readers. Many of you were able to see the debut of this short film documentary at the Little Fire Big Heart event back in September of 2010, but if you haven't seen it (or want to see it again), grab a cup of coffee and get comfortable. The film is about 15 minutes in length and captures our story of the beginning of Aiden's life.

Much appreciation and credit to Tommy Nolan of Creative Video Solutions for approaching me with the concept and producing the entire piece from film shoot to edit room.

We intend to use this piece to raise awareness about craniofacial conditions throughout Aiden's life and have even submitted it as part of the 2011 Genetic Alliance Gene Screen event (we are waiting to hear back).

At the very least, we will have a very special keepsake for the boys when they are older.

We hope you enjoy!

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