Bust with a "Capitol" B

We've been practicing Ethan's two special songs for school for the past week and half around here. He nailed spelling "Texas" and memorizing the words. He's been hopping up on the coffee table and treating us to impromptu performances. So when the day finally came for him to attend "Pre-K Kids Day at the Capitol" downtown Austin, we happily followed the bus full of 3 and 4 year olds, cameras (and gloves) on hand.

When we made it inside the beautiful rotunda, we saw Ethan looking rather unhappy. He had a pitiful look on his face that turned into full-blown tears when he caught glimpse of us. He wanted nothing to do with standing in line with his class and no intention of singing his well-rehearsed tunes. We tried bribing him with promises of "special treats" afterwards - no such luck. There was no turning his frown upside down.

The class was called outside onto the south steps of the Capitol building and introduced to the educational professionals who were attending the press conferences and other activities. It had been decided that, because of the 45 mph wind gusts and extreme cold front that had changed our previous days 75 degree weather to 28 degrees overnight, the kids were just going to stand outside long enough to sing 1 of the 2 songs. Although my kid was crying still, I thought he would settle down and participate once everyone was lined up on the steps. Plus, I was proud of myself that I remembered to grab him some gloves so his hands wouldn't be cold - good mommy points right? Wrong. It totally backfired. They passed out little flags for them to hold and the gloves made it hard for him to hang on to it. More tears came aflowing. And continued to flow - while all the other kids started and completed singing "This is Our Flag".

My kid was THAT kid.

I have to say we were a bit disappointed. confused. He just wasn't himself and I just wanted to hold him. But I had to walk away from him after they were done so he could finish up the rest of the day's activities for his field trip.

On the way home, it dawned on me that he was probably hungry. Ricky woke up early this morning after a night of things banging and clanging in the wind last night and called the school to find out if the gig was still a go. The school said they had decided not to attend because of the cold weather and wind. So I let Ethan snuggle in bed with me a bit longer than I would have and told him I'd eat breakfast with him at school. But when I got there, they had decided the field trip was still going to happen, so I hurried him into his classroom where they were getting on their class shirts and jackets, completely forgetting about getting him some food to eat. (Bad mommy points, right?) And it probably doesn't help that he has an ear infection. Infected ear + 45 mph wind = no good. Poor kid.

The singing was a bust with a "Capitol" B. I just hope his day has gone better.

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