2010 By The Numbers

2: Princesses kissed by Ethan at Disney World.
1: The number of Ricky's idols we were able to meet by chance.
7: Times per week I read the post shared here which although written by a complete stranger, offers a proverbial pat-on-the-back when I need a little pick me up.
3.1: Miles I signed up to run in my first ever 5k race in March.
2.5: Miles I actually ran (the other .6 was spent walking in a blurry haze trying not to throw up...)
42: The number of times Ethan ran off the field while playing his very first soccer game.
16: Times Ethan got the "hot spot" during his first year of preschool :)
5000: Pennies raised by a sweet 2nd grade class for Aiden and our family.
19: Number of months our house in Indiana was on the market before it sold and we could finally move to Texas!
A BAZILLION: Number of times I've heard Ethan sing "You've Got a Friend in Me".
13: Months spent planning Little Fire Big Heart.
30,000: Dollars raised at the 1st Little Fire Big Heart event for Children's Craniofacial Association.
14.5: Hours it took for me and Ricky to drive to Texas when we moved.
?: Hours it would have taken with 2 kids in tow (thanks Mom and Dad for flying down with them!)
1000+: Calories consumed at the Texas State Fair.
2: Number of truck loads of ice it took to create a snow hill for sledding in our neighborhood.
COUNTLESS: Number of girls' hearts Ethan is going to capture and subsequently break when he chooses someone to marry one day.
100+: Trips to Urgent Care, the pediatrician, specialists or the pharmacy for the boys' ear infections, eye exams, tummy aches, breathing issues and stomach bugs.
ZERO!: Number of surgeries Aiden had to undergo this year! WAHOO!

Goodbye 2010 - it was a year of many accomplishments and good times. I'm looking forward to accomplishing even more this year!

Happy New Year to all!

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