Go Horsey Go!

My dad has recently turned one of his biggest hobbies into something more - he's purchased a couple race horses! He started out with Gandolph Finch, then he added Bail Baby Bail. Both horses ran at Keeneland a few weeks ago and we took the boys to see them up close and personal.

What an experience! Keeneland is such a beautiful track and it was even more perfect as it was an amazingly beautiful day as well. The boys had such a blast hanging out there - and it brought back many memories of "exploring" at Turfway Park with my brother and sister when we would be there with my dad growing up.

Gandolph Finch ran great, coming in 2nd in his race. We found out afterwards that someone had claimed him - meaning they purchased him just before he ran. That's what happens when you enter your horse in a claiming race. The kids were heartbroken because they had gotten to know Gandolph pretty well. They'd been up to Turfway a few times where he was stabled to feed him peppermints (who knew horses liked peppermints?) and pet him.

Bail Baby Bail ran 2nd also...2nd to last that is. But hopefully he'll make some improvements as time goes on. :)

After losing Gandolph Finch, my dad decided to go ahead and purchase another horse, Sir Mott. Both horses will race again in the next 2 weeks or so. It's been an exciting thing to share with my dad as a family!

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