"Now that's what I'm talkin' about!"

With every passing month I find myself saying "this is the age I like the best" - talking about my kids of course.

It was fun when they were little enough to sleep snugly in a swing for a nap, then wake with a huge smile ready to play. Then it was fun when they started rolling, scooting, sitting, walking. Each new milestone was a reason to be proud. And now, their personalities are in full force. They are talking, belly laughing uncontrollably when I do something funny, and really living life to the fullest.

The talking part has been so enjoyable for us as parents. It really is true - kids say the darnedest things! You never know what is going to come out of Ethan's mouth (and I honestly sometimes have no idea where he learns the stuff he says!)

For instance, over the past few weeks he's been known to say:

"You need to go out and close the door. I need my privacy." (when going pee-pee on the potty)

"Mommy, you're so pretty." (right before he asks me for something from his goody-jar of Halloween candy)

and "I look like Daddy because I'm not a girl" (when asked who he looks like, Mommy or Daddy)

Last weekend, Ricky took Ethan to the park while Aiden and I attended a baby shower. Afterwards Ricky was laughing so hard telling me the things Ethan had said that day. While Ricky was pushing him on the swings, going higher and higher, Ethan shouted "Now that's what I'm talkin' about!" then followed by "Daddy, you are cracking me up!"

Later, when he fell off the playground equipment into the mulch he looked up slowly and said "It's all part of the plan!"

And finally, he proclaimed "I love playing at this park. It is beautiful outside!"

At just 2 years old, he sure does know how to express himself pretty well wouldn't you say? As much as he sometimes makes me want to pull my hair out with his ornery behavior, he also manages to make me laugh just as much (if not more). He is one smart kiddo with a larger than life personality. And so far, this is my favorite age. :)

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