My husband's 15 minutes...err seconds...of fame

We recently attended my cousin's wedding at the College Football Hall of Fame in South Bend, IN and were very surprised to see that Ricky, although he never played a second of football in college (Bellarmine's still working on a football team...), was part of the exhibit!

We entered the building and started to make our way down the spiral walkway to the cocktail hour when Ricky recognized himself in an old home video loop playing on the very first tv monitor. He had been told that they used some old footage from his grade school football days in an exhibit, but having never been to the Hall of Fame before, he had never seen it. The exhibit showcased a football players growing into college players type theme. Sure enough, there he was, all 4 ft. 3 of him, proudly sporting a maroon jersey with the number 2. (In one snippet, he gets patted on the butt by his coach, and in another, he hikes the ball in a snap).

I am working on getting an "official" copy from the Hall of Fame, but in the meantime, I will post the "pirated" version I took using my digital camera. Also, the two little boys playing are Ricky's longtime friends, brothers Tom and Brian Quinkert (Tom, the one in red and black stripes, was Ricky's best man in our wedding!)

So now I can brag that my husband is in the College Football Hall of Fame. Who cares if it's "blink-and-you'll miss it" home video!

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