Awesome Angie

Let me tell you about my awesome cousin Angela...

She hopped on a plane to Texas to visit our family and will be staying with us all week! How lucky are we? She actually took a weeks vacation from her job to stay in a household with 3 crazy boys - 2 that wake up at an insanely early hour and a 2 month old that does nothing but cry, sleep and poop. Sounds like a great vacation to me, no?

We are SO happy to have her here and the boys think she is the coolest thing ever!

Now to get down to business...

I've been reading a blog called Kelly's Korner for a while now and she does this cute series called "Show Us Your Life". Tomorrow's subject is "Show Us Your Singles."

Well, it just so happens that Angela is single so I'm totally going to put her out there in hopes that someone sees just how fabulous she is. Tonight, despite her reluctance, I'm gonna play matchmaker for a hot second and link up on Kelly's Korner so bear with me.

Meet my BEAUTIFUL cousin Angela.
Just 32 years young, Angela was born and raised in the Chicago area and has the spunk and personality to prove it. She fiercely loves her family and watching sports - and is very loyal in both areas.

She has a degree in event/meeting planning which for a social butterfly like herself makes perfect sense. Angela is very driven. Very dedicated. And overall, she knows what she wants.

You won't find a more fun-loving person. Your friends will love her but your family will love her more.

Angela is looking for someone with a great head on his shoulders, a sense of adventure and who wants to settle down and have a family.

If this sounds like you (or your brother or cousin or son) 
and you think Angela would be the perfect match, 
leave a comment below :)


  1. Go Angie, Go Angie, it's your Birthday...wait, it's TARYN'S Birthday!!!
    Enjoy your stay in Round Rock!

  2. Seriously...I have a brother that fits in with how you described your cousin!! I would describe him quite similarly.

  3. Hey Anonymous - where is he from? How old? If he's interested, leave some contact info so they can connect!

  4. Her personality is awesome as well as her outside beauty is awesome.Enjoy the vacation and we'll wait for the adverture of staying with 3 boys and baby.

  5. ok I was the anoymous person...I can send a link to my brother to check her out :) He lives in Omaha NE and he is 32 years old. He is a teacher and is big into sports. Loves his family and his 1 year old nephew too. He is the most caring and thoughtful guy and he also likes to have a good time.