Ethan's first school crush

When I was 4 a little boy in my kindergarten class, Chris, asked me to go the circus with him and his family. I was super excited and told my mom when I got home as I jumped around the room. My mom called his mom to get the details - what day, what time, etc. - but instead, the boy's mother had no idea that I had been invited along. Rather than spoil the excitement, the mother was a good sport and I went with them in the end and everyone had a good laugh.

In 2nd grade, my boyfriend Matt brought me the most beautiful gold bracelet. He said he saved his money and bought it just for me. He helped me put it on at school and I wore it home that afternoon to show my mother who seemed a bit horrified. I didn't understand. Clearly this bracelet was beautiful, how could she not like it? She immediately phoned his mother, asking if she was perhaps missing a gold bracelet. "Gee" she said "I'm not sure, let me look." Sure enough, Matt's hard-earned purchase was really stolen from his mother's jewelry box. 

I should have realized the road I had ahead of me now that I'm a mom of two boys. I guess I wasn't prepared for it to start so soon. 

Ethan has been attending the same preschool since January and every Tuesday and Thursday, he shares stories of his day - what he had for lunch, what he made for craft, and who he sat next to during circle time. As the weeks went on, I started noticing a pattern. Most of the time, he spoke of the girls in his class. The older girls at that. "Sydney wore a pretty dress today". "I sat next to Ava". "I'm going to marry Kaley". Screeee - hold up. How old are you? Four! Since when do 4-year-olds talk about walking down the aisle? My heart pounds, my palms sweat and my eyes well up as I envision dancing with my son at his wedding and losing him forever. I'm crazy, I know.

And so it begins. My little boy is girl crazy. It's cute and troublesome all at the same time.

The other night after we snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rugged the boys into bed (I never really understood that whole snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug thing...kind of strange when you think about it...but I digress), Ethan tiptoed downstairs minutes later with one last request. "Mommy, when I wake up, can we get paper, markers and stickers and draw hearts on it for Sydney?" He was so sincere. "Of course, my sweet".

The next morning, we did just that. 

Then, last night, we tucked the most adorable handmade love note into his backpack for him to bring to Miss Sydney. Of course not without taking a photo of it first! I'll tell you, it was hard for me to part with that note. I wanted to stash it in his keepsake box to embarrass show him years down the road. But Ethan wouldn't let me. He neeeeded to give it to his one true love.
Front - Ethan did it all by himself (with the exception of me helping him draw a few hearts)
Back - Notice there are 3 stick figures. The one on the right is Ethan.
The other two are Sydney and Ava...

"What do you think Sydney will say when you give it to her," I prodded. "She will probably say she wants to marry me," Ethan said with a huge grin.

This morning, as we got ready for school, he hit me with another whopper. "Mommy, what can I wear today that will make me look reeeeaaallllly cute?"

"Just about anything, son," with a tug at my heart.
Sydney is one lucky girl. The first of many I'm sure.

**UPDATE** Sydney was not at school yet when we arrived, so we stuck the card in her cubby. She is in a different class than Ethan as she is 5 and will be starting Kindergarten this fall. Later that day, Ethan informed me that Sydney came into the lunchroom and said "Thank you for my card". He was so excited to tell me that :)


  1. so stinkin' cute!
    when i was in 1st grade, antwan hall called me toots. he also gave me a ring for christmas. it was gold and gawdy and missing stones. my mom called antwan's mom, and sure enough, he hi-jacked it from her jewelry box. antwan dated a girl i went to hs with...he came a ballgame and after the game he gave me a hug and said..."hi toots". not kidding.

  2. Oh my goodness! I still read your blog from time to time and this one just about made my cry! So, so cute! What a lucky lil girl to get his attention! :)

  3. Too cute!! Last school year, Annie caught Conner taking her Tiffany bracelet out of her jewelry box for his little girlfriend! Good to know the boy has good taste.