My Super Creative Kids... or, something like that

Maybe it's the stories we read together as a family.

Maybe it's the many trips to the library.

Or how we stimulate their minds with outings (does Chik-fil-a count?)

It could even be the (mostly) educational shows we allow them to watch on tv.

Or maybe it's because they typically find mommy observing the chaos at home from behind my laptop.

Whatever the reason, my boys have shown an interest in writing. And I couldn't be more proud :)

Ethan was an early talker. He was speaking in complete sentences before he turned 2. (It's true, just watch this!) And he is definitely one of those kids that is going to be in trouble all the time once he starts elementary school because of excessive talking. The kid has a lot on his mind and he just feels compelled to share it...24 hours a day. (Seriously, he even talks in his sleep!)

A few weeks ago, he interrupted me as I was working on my laptop and asked if I would type out a story he had in his head. It was an absolutely adorable tale about his current favorite show, Scooby Doo. And since Aiden has to do everything big brother does, he followed with an equally cute story, albeit much shorter and less coherent.

Well folks, the writing bug bit them again today and I'd love to share their work. I'd like to say that the below further proves that my kids are geniuses (or something like that).

So without further ado:

A Scooby Story - by Ethan 
Ethan and Aiden went to the door and Daphne and Velma were there. Ethan went to get Aiden and his mommy and daddy to ask if he could go in the Mystery Machine. His mommy and daddy said no, but he and Aiden went anyway.
Fred had a motorcycle in the back of the Mystery Machine and Aiden just hopped on it, busted the door open and went out.
Then Ethan and Aiden went back to their house. Their mommy and daddy were at the store. Then daddy went to work and got some samples. Mommy went to the library to take her books back. Since they were gone, Ethan and Aiden went into the attic. They got in by lifting Aiden up to pull down the attic stairs.
Aiden said “I don’t think it’s a good idea,” but Ethan said “Sure it is.”
Later, Ethan went to bed and Aiden stayed up. The whole Scooby gang came to the house. They went in and looked around for Ethan and Aiden. They saw Aiden and he said “Ethan’s up in his bed sleeping.” The Scooby gang and Aiden got a pool, put it in their bedroom and then yelled “WAKE UP ETHAN.” Ethan shook his head and woke up.

A few points of critique:

1. You can't say the kid isn't creative.
2. He also demonstrates how well he listens to his mommy and daddy. Or...that he doesn't.
3. He relates to others well and has a very clear understanding of his brother's likes and dislikes (Aiden is obsessed with motorcycles.)
4. Clearly he thinks of me as the intellectual type since he has me visiting the library.
5. He shows a level of maturity in choosing to only do things he's not supposed to when mommy and daddy have left them home alone.
5. Demonstrates problem-solving skills by lifting his brother up to reach the attic string.
6. He definitely has Aiden's cautious personality pegged and highlights his own impulsiveness.
7. As for the pool thing, I haven't the slightest idea.

Now for Aiden's highly-acclaimed work. It's riveting stuff people:

A Silly Story – by Aiden Skees
 Once upon a time, there were two boys, Ben and Ethan. Ben sneaked downstairs and Ethan sneaked down too. They went in the pantry and got some ice cream. They brought it up to their room. 
Then there was Spiderman and he sat down and pooped on the floor. [editor's note: he went on to talk about all the various places Spiderman pooped so we’ll just end it right here). 

And critique for this one:

1. First paragraph - true story, except it wasn't ice cream that Ethan and his cousin Ben sneaked up to their room. It was an entire can of Pringles, a bag of Peanut Butter M&Ms and Goldfish, which I found emptied approximately a week later when I cleaned their room. So while he's not showing the use of his imagination, he does get points for relaying "just the facts, ma'am".
2. Second paragraph - um, age appropriate much? That's all I can say.

Okay, so these probably won't win the Pulitzer Prize any time soon (or ever), but they sure do make me proud. There's a brand new folder on my computer that will store these, and hopefully many many more creative gems from my boys in years to come.


  1. Ethan, buddy...

    Two smart and attractive women knock on your front door and ask you to join them in the Mystery Van...

    I can tell you, from personal experience (as this very thing actually happened to me TWICE)...


    Someday you will thank your uncle for the sage advice.

  2. Haha - I'll be surety let him know Jeff.

    As a side note, I'm so excited my brother actually reads my blog! :)