Halloween 2010 (Part 1 and Part 2)

Part 1: A 'Hey Howdy Hey' Halloween

Given the fact that my kids are still completely obsessed with Toy Story, it wouldn't have taken a rocket scientist to figure out that they were going to choose to be Buzz Lightyear and Woody for Halloween this year.

If I do say so myself these just may be THE cutest space ranger and cowboy to infinity and beyond! For more pics, click here.
We had a great time trick or treating with the neighborhood kids. The guys posted up on the driveway to assume their duties as official candy passer-outers - and the gals walked/followed/chased the kiddos as they hurried from doorstep to doorstep in search of goodies.

Part 2: The Halloween Bug

We ended the night hanging out and chatting outside but then Ricky went to bed extra early saying he didn't feel well. I put the kids to bed and was relaxing on the couch when all of the sudden Ricky comes out of the bedroom covered in sweat and looking like a ghost. He took some tylenol and I sent him back to bed . Unfortunately, the tylenol didn't stay down as he spent the next few hours hurling. I quarantined him in our room and prepared myself for a night on the couch.

As I drifted off to sleep, Ethan came stumbling downstairs just as he usually does around 10:30pm. I got up to carry him back to his bed when I felt something wet under my hand. Vomit. From head to toe. All over his bed. Gross.

I decided I would put him on the couch until I washed and re-made his bed. But he had obviously been bitten by the same bug that Ricky had so after a half hour or so of holding a bowl in front of him (and successfully catching most of it!) I decided to try to contain the germs to one room by putting him in bed with Ricky.

I tried to settle on the couch but soon awoke to a very unsettled stomach. My mind kept trying to tell me that I wasn't getting sick, but soon enough, I too was claimed by the Halloween bug. And a mean little bug this was. Luckily it ran its course for the boys through the night and they felt much better in the morning. Whereas I spent the entire day in bed barely able to lift my head for any other purpose than to toss my cookies. I was completely out of commission. This worked out okay since Ricky usually works from home on Mondays...so the boys were supervised while mommy was under the weather.

Even though the Halloween bug made it's appearance and knocked the life out of us for several hours at a time, we were very thankful that:
1. It happened after Halloween festivities so the fun wasn't ruined,
2. Aiden avoided the mean little bug somehow, and
3. All of those Kit Kats, Sour Patch Kids and Reese Cups that I swiped from the kids candy as we walked along was cancelled out later by the fact that I lost 4 pounds overnight!

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  1. What cute cute pics! You all look wonderful! I can't believe Part 2~ I hate puking, is the worst thing, poor you. Aiden is looking so darn cute- oh and Ethan can his smile be any more infectious!! Big hugs from us over here in NZ. See you next Christmas in Austin. I can just imagine the fun Edie and Ira would have with Ethan and Aiden. Can't wait to meet you guys xx